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CAT & WOMAN 2023

Cat&Woman 2023 has a slightly different charge. I had almost finished photographing the inside of the calendar, I only needed one photo and a cover. The lady who lent me her Pachin (shynx) also offered me Bambi. Left as a kitten in a sealed box with his brother in front of the shelter door. There was one catch. He was blind. I refused because the theme of the calendar is about eyes and their similarity between women and cats. Well, it was bothering me. Animals and humans can be similar in many ways and there is no reason to leave out those with disabilities. And I myself prefer models with differences. But it required a blind model....It was a challenge.

It didn't work out and I started to come to terms with the fact that I wouldn't succeed. However, Xénie called me a few days before the photo shoot. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I had a clear idea of how the photo should look. The pose is difficult anyway and none of them saw me. But in the end we did it :).

When I published it on social media. networks, I wasn't entirely sure what kind of reactions it would elicit. But what kind of wave it started amazed and moved me. I did not expect such positive reactions! This year I decided to increase the number of pieces and thus support two shelters: Útulek Bohnice and association Pozor kočka.

Honza from the graphic studio Owliss will take care of the final form again.

titulka 2023 small.jpg

By clicking the ORDER button it will redirect you to my contact form. In the body of the message, please state the number of pieces required, tel. number and address where I will send you the calendar. There is also the possibility to pick it up in person at Prague 10. The price is 450 CZK/pc plus shipping (Zásilkovna). 

​Thank you for helping me help!

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