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CAT & WOMAN 2022

Cat&Woman is my dream project. I love cats, I am fascinated by them and I am equally fascinated by eyes...their color, beauty, structure and development. Originally, I wanted to make a series of paintings, but since I received many requests for a calendar, I decided to make one in the end. As the photos increased, I got the idea to create a book, so as part of creating the calendar, I take more portraits, but they are different in pose and lighting. However, I am not giving up the idea of large-format paintings. The best shots could perhaps decorate some space in the future. 

What is this project about? I am looking for women, models and non-models with beautiful eyes and cats with similar eye color. I try to make them match the hair and the fur and generally match each other in type. It is probably not a surprise that the preparation of such photoshoots is very difficult, because the search for couples takes a lot of time. Not to mention that when I spot a cat model, it's not always possible to take a photo with her. Or the photo shoot itself will not work out, because a cat is a cat and when she decides not to cooperate, nothing will force her. You can find stories from individual photo shoots on my blog

However, in order not to just create art for art's sake, I decided to donate the proceeds from this calendar to charity, specifically to the association Teplické kočky, z.s. I owe the fact that I was able to realize my project to the beautiful models, my clever make-up artists, the owners and breeders of the eyed beauties. The calendar got its final shape thanks to the professional work of the graphic studio Owliss (thanks Honzi for being patient with me after nights :) ).

However, it does not end with this project. I want to devote more time to education in the area of overbreeding of cats, abuse and breeding farms.


By clicking the ORDER button it will redirect you to my contact form. In the body of the message, please state the number of pieces required and the address where I will send the calendar to you. I use the services of Zásilkovna, so please also write your phone number. The price of the calendar is 350 CZK.


Thanks to you, I managed to collect this beautiful amount, which went to the account of the shelter Teplické kočky, zs :)

​Thank you for helping me help!

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