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Best Friend's Collection comes from the workshop of Mrs. Yvona, who founded the civic association Home 4 Pets. This association helps to place unwanted dogs and cats in temporary care, where they have better conditions for recovery from operations, psychological adaptation to change, or just don't have to spend time (sometimes even years) behind the bars of a shelter. "Dočaskári" can clearly provide them with a more pleasant environment, plenty of exercise and, above all, love. It is not an exception that their wards will stay permanently. 

If it is not possible to get a "temporary" right away, the association also has its own facility where it places the animals, or they go directly from there to adoption. It is located in a beautiful environment near Babice, specifically in the Babice-Dařbož area. In addition to dogs, chickens from large-scale farms, goats and the cow Zorka have already found refuge there. 

In addition, however, Mrs. Yvona and her organization are advocating for the change of laws, spreading awareness in the field of castrations, breeders, and the like. She foundedBest Friend's Club, wellness for dogs and their owners. If you don't feel like running on the treadmill, you can sit with a good coffee :) and at the same time admire (and possibly support) the exhibited specimens from her collections. 

All photo shoots are of a charitable nature, i.e. without entitlement to a fee. 

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